Lymphedema Management

At Innovate Physical Therapy, we offer complete decongestive therapy for long-term management of the lymphedema condition. We provide personalized education and treatment for lymphedema, edema and venous insufficiencies to help manage the fluid that the body is retaining. Our specialists are trained in manual lymph drainage, a form of massage that allows the fluid to be reabsorbed into the tissue/bloodstream in a pattern that will not overload the system. With individualized therapy rooms, we can ensure a private and comfortable therapy experience.

Individualized Lymphedema Management Services Include:

  • Circumference measurements of the affected extremity to get baseline information
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
    • Lymph node clearing
    • Light lymphatic massage
  • Complete Decongestive Therapy
    • Short stretch bandaging of the extremity
    • Assessment and referral for compression garments for long-term management of lymphedema condition
  • Client Education & Training for Long-term Management

To learn more about Innovate’s lymphedema therapy services or to book an appointment, call (402) 682-4210.

To download our Lymphedema specialty sheet, click here.

*Lymphedema management services are only offered at our Bellevue clinic.