Physical Therapy

At Innovate Physical Therapy, we use evidence-based treatments to help you achieve high-quality outcomes. We pride ourselves on providing care that is personalized for each of our clients. You’ll receive individualized attention from fully licensed therapists, not therapy aides, to ensure the best results possible.

Physical therapy is ideal for treating sports injuries, back pain, joint pain, physical developmental delays, post-surgery rehab and much more! Whatever you need physical therapy for, our award-winning team will be with you every step of the way through your recovery process. Visit our location pages to see the additional specialty therapy services we provide.

For more information about our physical therapy services or to book your appointment, call (402) 682-4210 for our Bellevue clinic or (402) 682-6593 for our Chalco Hills clinic.

*Physical Therapy is provided at our Bellevue and Chalco Hills clinics.