Pre-surgical Rehab

Pre-surgical rehabilitation, or prehab, is a program focused on preparing an individual for surgery to ensure they have the best outcome possible. Anyone undergoing surgery can benefit from prehab. We believe the stronger an individual is when entering into a procedure, the stronger they will emerge.

Duration and frequency of care will range from two visits to three weeks of treatment depending on the needs of that individual. Treatment sessions will include extensive education and therapy-related activities to ensure an individual is prepared for their procedure and expectations after.

During prehab, our skilled therapists will review precautions, limitations and equipment needs with clients. They will also discuss expected outcomes and complete a home environment checklist. Clients can expect strengthening and flexibility exercises, a home exercise program and transfer training.

To learn more about Innovate’s pre-surgical rehabilitation services or to book an appointment, call (402) 682-4210 for the Bellevue clinic and (402) 682-6593 for our Chalco Hills clinic. 

*Prehab is offered at our Bellevue and Chalco Hills clinics.