Hand Therapy

Hands are an essential part of your everyday life. At Innovate Physical Therapy, you can get the help you need to keep your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder healthy and ready to do the things you love!

Our certified hand therapist, Kathy Ramaekers, specializes in treating clients who have dysfunction or pain in the upper extremity (the arm), and works with clients with a wide range of needs, such as those who have had tendon transfers or repairs, corrective arthritis surgeries or fractures. Hand therapists work on pain relief and preventative strategies for people who have tendonitis, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, to decrease their pain and decrease the risk of requiring surgery. They also work with people with arthritis or painful joints on compensatory strategies and/or adaptive equipment to decrease the wear and tear and painfulness of using arthritic hands.

Learn more about Kathy Ramaekers, our certified hand therapist, here!

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