Manage Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome With Physical Therapy

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a condition that affects runners and non-runners alike. With symptoms that typically include dull/achy or occasionally sharp pain in the anterior (front) of the knee.  Some activities that are commonly painful for somebody with PFPS are squatting, kneeling, walking up or down stairs, and sitting with bent knees for extended periods of time.

Physical therapy can often yield positive outcomes and therapists have several treatments available to help alleviate pain, strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee, and support the patella and knee. Depending on the severity and specifics of your symptoms, your therapist may suggest any of the following as treatment for this condition.  

  • Exercises and stretches specifically targeting muscles and other soft tissues that need to be strengthened or stretched, as well as modifications of activity or movement patterns.
  • Taping techniques to assist with proper knee alignment and to give support to areas of the knee and/or lower extremity that need it.  
  • Knee bracing or custom arch supports/orthotics may be implemented to further support the knee and alleviate stress to the affected area.  
  • Applying ice to your painful knee after a period of increased activity level or sporting event may also be beneficial in decreasing your pain.

If you believe you may be experiencing PFPS and would like to be evaluated and treated by one of our therapists at Innovate Physical Therapy, who specialize in these treatments, please call 402-682-4210 to get scheduled today!

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