Physical Therapy Treatments Benefit Long COVID Patients

In the last few years, COVID-19 has disrupted many lives in social, emotional and physical aspects. Most of those who became ill with the virus recovered within a few short weeks, but some experienced a continuation of the symptoms, or Long COVID.

Long COVID is not yet well understood, but we do know it impacts an individual’s ability to function and is severely disabling. It affects activities of daily living as well as social and family life. It can affect multiple body systems, including the respiratory, cardiac, renal, endocrine and neurological systems.

Individuals with Long COVID, or Long Haulers, can experience fatigue, chest pressure or tightness, shortness of breath, headache and a delay in cognitive functions. These symptoms cause Long Haulers to seek out physical therapy. Some individuals who suffer from Long COVID can benefit from physical activity. However, treating these individuals using traditional physical therapy has sometimes triggered or worsened symptoms.

Long Haulers require vitals to be checked and tracked during treatments to avoid a negative reaction to the therapy. Finding the right physical therapist is key to a successful recovery.

Innovate Physical Therapy has physical therapists to get Long Haulers moving again, occupational therapists to help them get back into their routine and speech therapists to help them regain their cognitive thinking and communication skills.

Our therapy team can get anyone with Long COVID back on their feet and on the road to a successful recovery. The Innovate Physical Therapy team consists of skilled clinicians who understand Long COVID needs to be monitored during therapy sessions. They will consistently check blood pressure, heart rate, changes in oxygen saturation and level of exertion.

Therapy sessions at Innovate Physical Therapy are one-on-one. Each appointment is tailored to the client’s individual needs and tolerance levels.

As more cases of Long COVID are assessed, it is becoming clear that an exercise program, like physical therapy, guided by vitals, is the best way to take back your life from COVID-19.

If you are suffering from Long COVID, you could benefit from physical therapy. Call us at (402) 682-4210 to get scheduled today!

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